Raise your standard of giving


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O’ sincere Muslim, O’ believer who constantly turns to Allah, the Exalted, be like the palm tree and rise above evil and harm; if a stone is thrown at the palm tree, it lets its fruit drop (and does not retaliate). It remains green summer and winter, and gives many benefits.

Do not lower yourself to the level of trivial matters, and rise above all that may damage your modesty and honor. Your words should be dhikr, your glance should teach you something, your silence should be contemplation. Then you will find happiness and peace of mind; you will be well accepted and people will shower praise on you and make dua for you, and Allah will take away the clouds of rancour, the specters of fear and the clutter of depression.

Go to sleep secure with the knowledge that the believers are praying for you, and wake up to their praise of you. Then you will realize that happiness does not mean having a lot of money in the bank, rather, it is to be found in obeying Allah; it is not to be found in wearing new clothes or serving people, rather, it is to be found in obeying Allah.

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Allah, Who has defined the best way of life for people and the most appropriate moral conduct for their nature, announces in “We send down in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers” (Surat al-Isra’, 82) that patience is a mercy for the faithful.

People can gain Allah’s approval and love by fully applying the Qur’an’s truths in their lives. Allah requires the faithful to adhere to the Qur’an’s morality as long as they are alive, without showing any weakness. To carry out this task successfully, the faithful must acquire the supreme characteristic of patience, which is the result of faith. Those who learn the secret of patience can demonstrate the required steadfastness in every act and prayer.

Attaining this secret is extremely easy. Allah manifests His attribute “Al-Sabur” (The Patient) on those who believe in Him and helps perfect the determination in their hearts.

The real source of this lifelong true patience is the believers’ faith in Allah. They know that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge, that everything occurs only with His permission, and that He hides thousands of blessings and benefits behind all events. In addition, they do not forget that Allah is the Friend, Guardian, and Helper of the faithful. Thus, although it may not seem so at first glance, all events are arranged to somehow benefit the believers. For this reason, patience is not a moral characteristic that makes life difficult for the faithful; rather, it is a form of worship that they accept wholeheartedly and with joy. Here is one point of difference between true patience and the view of patience as commonly understood in society.

Many people do not know the true meaning of patience, how truly patient people are required to behave, or how important this is in Allah’s sight. They regard patience more as holding up one’s head when faced with difficulties and problems, either overcoming or enduring them. Thus, they consider patience as the ability to withstand something, up to a certain point, and that an occasional loss of patience is quite normal. Moreover, according to this non-Qur’anic understanding, it is utterly futile to show patience in a matter from which no concrete benefit can be derived. And so when faced with such a situation, they give way to frustration and believe that being patient is useless.

The Qur’anic concept of true patience is quite different from this understanding of endurance. In the first place, people experience patience as the instruction of Allah and so can neither exhaust nor lost it. They carry out this form of worship joyfully and fervently and expect no concrete benefit in exchange for it, because they are patient solely to earn Allah’s approval. What matters for them is the knowledge that they will earn His approval with their superior morality. For them, such a reward is enough.

Furthermore, the patience recommended by the Qur’an is not a moral characteristic employed only in times of hardship. True patience is shown in fully applying all of the Qur’an’s teachings, in being scrupulous in guarding against all behavior that Allah warns against, and in being determined to live according to the Qur’an’s morality as long as one is alive and with no thought of deviating from it, regardless of circumstances.

In “But, in your Lord’s sight, right actions that are lasting bring a better reward and are a better basis for hope” (Surat al-Kahf, 46), Allah points out that proper behavior carried on with determination is regarded with approval and invited the faithful to be patient under all circumstances.

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Ease comes after hardship.

The first step towards happiness each day is Fajr (Dawn) prayer, so start your day with it, then you will be under the protection and care of Allah, the Almighty; He will protect you from all evils and guide you to all that is good.

Allah does not bless a day that does not start with Fajr. It is the first step towards acceptance and success. So, glad tidings to all those who pray Fajr, and misery and loss to those who neglect this prayer.

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Put your trust in the Ever-Living, Who will never die.

Try reading a good book or listening to a useful tape. Listen to a beautiful recitation of the Book of Allah – perhaps a single verse will penetrate deeply in your heart and stir your conscience, bringing guidance and light, and dispelling doubts and despair.

Read the books with the words of the Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him). You will find the correct remedy and beneficial knowledge which will protect you from slipping or making mistakes, and will solve all your problems. Your medicine is in the Revelation, the Qur’an, your comfort is in faith, your delight in prayer, your peace of mind in contentment, the beauty of your face in smiling, the protection of your honour in hijab, and your tranquility in dhikr (remembrance of Allah, the All-Merciful).

Beware of the dua of the one who has been wronged and the tears of the one who has been deprived.

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Living in a hut with faith is better than living in a palace with disbelief.

A Muslim living in a hut, worshipping Lord, offering five daily prayers and fasting Ramadan, is happier than the one who lives in a lofty palace with servants and all means of luxuries.

A believer living in a tent and eating barley bread and drinking water from an earthenware jar, who has Muslim rosary, is better off than the one who lives in an ivory tower in rooms furnished with velvet, but who does not know Lord or follow Prophet.

You should understand the true meaning of happiness: it is not the narrow and distorted meaning that many people imagine. Do you think that happiness is to be found in dollars and dinars, furnishings and clothing, food and drink, means of transportation?

Not at all.

Happiness is contentment in the heart, peace of mind, a sense of stability, joy in the heart, a righteous attitude, good behavior and being content with what is sufficient.

How can one feel relaxed or content, who harms a Muslim or a slave?

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